About Us

Janice & Lindsay LennonStardust circus is Australia’s largest animal circus. Our animals have been trained with the reward method, and are treated as part of this large family.

Oh what a family it is! Stardust circus is operated by Janice and Lindsay Lennon, along with five brothers and sisters from the West Circus family. Along with their partners and children, these people are the circus’ core. The family have been in the circus industry all their lives & are proudly bringing up the next generation of performers amongst this supportive family structure.

The circus has performing animals including African lions, mischievous monkeys, six magnificent Liberty Horses as well as miniature trick ponies.

You will also witness a large flying Trapeze Troupe, a spectacular 10 person Hungarian trained Teeter Board (springboard) act, dynamic aerialists high above your head, acrobatic comedy and of course crazy clowns. From Colombia, South America, we have a sensational flying trapeze artist who has just joined the circus, and presents unbelievable tricks high in the air.

The circus travels on 22 motor vehicles including semi trailers, 14 trucks and many 4WDs – all towing caravans and equipment trailers. Stardust Circus travels to outback towns and communities as well as showing in all major cities in Australia.

Stardust Circus Performers

Stardust Circus has a traditional fast paced programs, pleasing young and old alike. Don’t miss this one, coming to a town near your soon!