cNR James ruse drive & grand ave

Find the perfect time to enjoy

Stardust Circus.


Friday, 25th June               7:00 PM

Saturday, 26th June          2:00 PM

Saturday, 26th June          6:00 PM

Sunday, 27th June           11:00 AM

Sunday, 27th June            2:00 PM


Tuesday, 29th June         11:00 AM

Tuesday, 29th June         2:00 PM

Wednesday, 30th June   11:00 AM

Thursday, 1st July           11:00 AM

Friday, 2nd July                7:00 PM

Saturday, 3rd July            2:00 PM

Saturday, 3rd July            6:00 PM

Sunday, 4th July              11:00 AM

Sunday, 4th July               2:00 PM


Tuesday, 6th July            11:00 AM

Tuesday, 6th July             2:00 PM

Wednesday, 7th July       11:00 AM

Thursday, 8th July           11:00 AM

Friday, 9th July                7:00 PM

Saturday, 10th July           2:00 PM

Saturday, 10th July           6:00 PM

Sunday, 11th July            11:00 AM

Sunday, 11th July             2:00 PM

Thursday, 15th July         7:00 PM

Friday, 16th July               7:00 PM 

Saturday, 17th July         11:00 AM

Saturday, 17th July          2:00 PM 

Saturday, 17th July          6:00 PM 

Sunday, 18th July            11:00 AM 

Sunday, 18th July             2:00 PM 

Sunday, 18th July             5:00PM